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Water bags for load tests

Equipment rental

Our clients can, in addition to our several services, rent equipment for their field tests, either onshore or offshore, always accompanied by our operators.

1. Water bags

Fluke Engenharia offers water bags and accessories for rent. We rent water bags with capacities of 12.5t and 35t that can be combined to achieve the desired test load. Additionally, we provide all the necessary accessories to the test and trained operators.

2. Load cells

Fluke Engenharia offers load cells for rent with capacities ranging from 10t to 200t. Rents off the load cells may be made by any period of time so that they can meet the need of your company as appropriate as possible. There are various designs to suit different types and supporting equipment.

We serve nationwide and provide technicians to carry out the operations at the customer.

3. Wire rope winding machine

Fluke Engenharia has steel wire rope winding machines for rental, in order to allow launching operations, electromagnetic inspections and a wide range of other needs presented by the client.

4. Mud box

Fluke Engenharia has developed a unique model of mud box, certified by DNV 2.7-1 standard, which is constructed with 100% local content and capacity to store up to 8.200kg.

The mud box can be rented in the quantity desired by the client and the time needed to conduct their projects.

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