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Completely national content at all stages

As projects in Brazil present daily challenges because of their regional characteristics, language of communication and material peculiarities, Fluke Engenharia has chosen to develop home-grown solutions for its products and services. In this way, the company achieves creative results and stands out as the best option for meeting the Brazilian industry’s challenges.

Fluke Engenharia works to have the greatest possible national content in its operations and products, and to maintain the quality of its products and processes. For this, it formally approves its suppliers and shows a preference for the certified companies that meet its requirements, thereby avoiding imports and excessive bureaucracy, one of the main causes of delay and difficulty in meeting domestic needs.

From this position, Fluke Engenharia can develop and improve its products, and facilitate quality control throughout all the stages of manufacture.

Local labour to meet national needs

Because of the academic training and industry experience of its team of managers, engineers and technicians, the company is equipped to train a new generation of professionals in-house. These people represent the future of a company having a totally Brazilian labour force and expertise. This means that projects are developed and carried out under the supervision of a cohesive team with know-how based on the requirements of the market within which they work.

Besides producing using local resources, we also develop customized technologies. Heating system welds knowhow developed with 100% domestic knowledge. The result was the economy and independence.
The Mud Box Fluke Engineering, is the first step towards full nationalization. Fully built with local resources, your challenge is to meet the market with a superior product to imported equipment.