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State of art technology in every phase of the project. Systems capable to define minimum risks in any part od the design. The design methods are based in its large experience, determining a strong direction toward construction safety. The only company in MacaƩ to have its own laboratory to perform mechanical and metalographic analysis The only company in MacaƩ to have its own laboratory to perform mechanical and metalographic analysis Highly qualified technicians, using various software engineering, according to the particular needs of each project

The ability to meet challenges

The engineering department at Fluke Engenharia works in structural design and fabrication, and is notable for the objectivity and efficiency of its activities and the qualifications of its technical workforce.

The technical workforce comprises engineers specialising in structural calculations, fatigue, fabrication processes, welding and welding metallurgy. They are qualified to undertake projects with the most complex requirements.

The engineering department also has specialised programs for analysing stress and tension in materials to ensure high levels of safety at all stages of a project.

Custom projects

As well as administering and monitoring projects devised or supplied by clients, the specialists at Fluke Engenharia work on in-house projects that aim to meet specific needs that evolve from providing support for construction and erection or movement operations and the creation and development of complex metal structures at any scale for the energy and off- or onshore exploration segments.

Technological innovation

Through its wide knowledge of metallurgy and welding methods, Fluke Engenharia is recognised for its capacity for technological innovation and novel methods, such as the onboard replacement of mooring chain links

In its constant search for groundbreaking technological solutions, Fluke Engineering took up the challenge of developing a method to enable the links of mooring chains damaged in use to be replaced offshore and that guaranteed the quality, properties and performance of these links in operation and met the standards of the shipping classification societies.

The result was the development, using in-house technology, of a system of repairing the links without taking the whole mooring line to a distant onshore workshop, thereby enabling repair onboard. This patented method means that Fluke Engenharia is the world’s sole owner of technology approved by the classification societies for the replacement of grade R3 and R4 steel mooring links using manual welding of the join.