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Shackles after maintenance, certification and painting Water bag load test up to 120 t. Watertightness tests in anchoring buoys up to 50 t. Valves and pressure vessels

Inspections and certifications

The Fluke Engenharia inspection team carries out the inspection and certification of steel cables, cargo handling, metal structures and anchor accessories on request and has long-term contracts with many major companies in the oil and gas segment.

The inspections and certifications may be visual and dimensional using non-destructive testing, and load and breakage techniques, particularly for steel cables.

Fluke Engenharia provides free access to the certificates for the tests and inspections it carries out via an Internet-based system that enables searching and downloading. With this resource, a client can always access all the certificates for the tests and inspections Fluke Engenharia has carried over the last five years for his company from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

We offer several types of tests:

Visual and dimensional inspection

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

  • Magnetic particle testing
  • Fluid penetration testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Electromagnetic inspection of steel cables

Load tests

  • With water bags;
  • On Eyelets;
  • On Accessories Cargo Handling;
  • Wire rope Break test
  • On containers;
  • Static and Dynamic in Winches.