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Innovation, quality and safety from design to project execution

Fluke Engenharia provides a wide range of products for the oil, gas, energy and steel-making sectors, amongst others, that are either developed in-house or to designs supplied by clients. 

The products offered by the company are produced from carefully worked out designs, follow international certification guidelines and incorporate the experience of highly qualified professionals. 

As well as applying high levels of inspection and quality control throughout all stages of manufacture, the company uses its internationally recognised and extensive knowledge to specialise in welding and materials engineering. 

By serving the most demanding clients in the oil and gas industry through its internationally recognised technical capabilities, Fluke Engenharia is the ideal partner for the most complex engineering solutions. 

Anchor accessories

The anchor accessories supplied by Fluke Engenharia are manufactured in accordance with the quality requirements and guidelines specified by the Brazilian standards for offshore anchor accessories.

Subsea equipment

In the subsea equipment segment, Fluke Engenharia can act as a partner for the manufacture of equipment and at all stages of a project.

Heavy metal structures

Fluke Engenharia has fully equipped manufacturing facilities suitable for manufacturing a wide range of large-scale metal structures.

Offshore containers

Fluke Engenharia supplies offshore containers of all types, including cases, baskets, equipment bases and skids.